Monday, October 25, 2004

Mayor asks for cooling-down period

Breaking news:

Mayor Gavin Newsom on Sunday asked labor leaders and the management of 14 hotels embroiled in a nearly month-old dispute to resume normal operations for at least 90 days while the two sides try to negotiate a new contract.

In a letter requesting a 90-day "cooling off" period, Newsom said the dispute has caused "significant disruption" to San Francisco residents and visitors, threatening to harm the city's economic recovery.

That "disruption" is us!!! Way to go AAA!!!

Newsom wants hotel management to end the lockout from Oct. 27 through Jan. 25, while labor leaders agree not to strike during that span. He asked for a response by Tuesday afternoon.

The hotels plan to respond by the deadline, said Cornell Fowler, a spokesman for the San Francisco Multi-Employer Group.

The union will eagerly agree to a cooling off period, said Mike Casey, president of Unite Local 2.

Let's see what happens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well! Do you suppose this means we'll be back in the SF Hilton after all? That would be an interesting end to this crisis. Whatever happens, of course we need to pressure the AAA leadership to make quick and substantive changes in our organizational policy. But if we could do so in the original location, with the support of the union and the ear of the Management Employer Group, that would really lend weight to our efforts.

My question is, who from the AAA is in contact with the union? I assume the Exec Board is, Beeman and Crumley both made mention of this in their messages to various individuals. What about those who've been pressuring against the move, are any of us in contact with the union? I think that this point of conversation needs to be made public, so we know where the information flows are.

Adam Henne
University of Georgia

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although it looks like 'victory', I am afraid that it still didn't solve the fundamental problem of the AAA. Why did AAA make a contract with anti-labor hotels in the first place? WOuldn't this happen again next year? How do we know? Another thing that disappointed me is many anthropologists whose reaction to this was only about their 'money' to lose due to the change of location and the date. Many said, "I won't go to Atlanta! I already made plans to visit my family in San Francisco!" and so forth. Is that the most important? I think not only AAA leadership, but also AAA memeber have some big problems, which I already knew, but more visible this time.

6:41 PM  

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