Sunday, October 24, 2004

Open Thread

After you vote in the poll, please leave feedback in the comments to this post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think that having a link the various letters being written would be a good idea, for example the one from Araceli Castro who is on the SMA board was really great. Folks can send them to you but you will need a seperate page to post them or post them on the blog and create a letter category. Actually categories like AAA board, UNITE, letters, actions etc might be useful.

Also I know some of us are asking for our reg money back and pledging it to the UNITE workers.. Hopefully we can get a letter doing for that soon.

Great job.


10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Along with the overwhelming majority of the 105 people to vote so far, I cast my ballot in favor of a shadow conference in San Jose and a boycott of Atlanta. That said, I live in Georgia and have pretty easy access to events in Atlanta. I believe, if the AAA goes ahead with this, that I will in fact make an appearance in Atlanta -- to be a voice of protest in the meetings themselves, or by creating a visible presence outside. I am, like many of you, really offended at being represented in this fashion, and I think it's important to respond loudly and at each point of assumption. Also, I think now is the time to start planning to speak out (or act out) in Atlanta, if it comes to that. Is there anyone who foresees being able to be in Atlanta who would like to join me in planning some thorn-in-the-side?

Adam Henne
University of Georgia

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is what I get for reading and responding to this tidal wave of messages one at a time. Several anthropologists from UCDavis have begun setting up a website,, to organize a presence at any AAA meeting to take place in Atlanta. The website won't be up yet, but you may contact

Adam Henne
University of Georgia

2:26 PM  

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