Saturday, October 23, 2004

Would Atlanta even work?

With the AAA executive board trying to convince members that Atlanta is the best of all possible worlds (even though it is in an non-union Hilton run hotel), posts to sub-section e-mail lists are making it increasingly clear that it simply won't work.

No matter what people feel about the ethical issues involved, many schools have their exam periods during that time, others have already booked trips to other parts of the world, and still others simply can't afford it. So even if there is no official boycott of Atlanta, it is unlikely that many people will show up. Some sections are already discussing moving their sectional venues to other locations. For instance, there is a proposal to move the SEAA meetings to the annual Asian Studies conference which most members already attend. This isn't a call for succession, but just a practical solution to trying to arrange SEAA business at a time that people will actually be there!

In choosing Atlanta the AAA board chose a solution that was convenient for two parties: them and the Hilton management. It is not a solution that is convenient for anyone else and it won't work for that reason.

San Jose would have be at the same time as the original event, and for that reason could really work.

See here and here for previous posts about moving the conference to San Jose.

It isn't too late to get the AAA to change their minds!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually yes, it is too late to get them to change their minds. You have to consider that they have already made their plans. They've already started telling people to cancel up in San Francisco. They've already arranged to move it to Atlanta. It's a done deal. You may not like it. I may not like it. But I am going to the meetings wherever they are held because I am an anthropologist and I belong there.

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