Monday, January 17, 2005

Union Hotel Options for 2005 AES-SPA Meetings

While there is not a UNITE boycott of the Catamaran (the
conference hotel), the Catamaran is not a union hotel. As
there have been requests by AAA members for info on union
hotels, I am writing to provide this info.

People should consider that AES and SPA have a contractual
obligation to fill a certain number of rooms at the Catamaran.
Their respective EBs have been discussing how to deal with
these financial costs, should they arise. Folks should also be
aware that the contract for the AES-SPA meeting was signed
long before the union-only restriction was approved by the EB
at the 2004 Atlanta meeting.

It looks like the Hyatt and then the Hilton are the best
options. Directions to these two are included. The other
hotels seem much too far.

UNITE HERE Local 30 in San Diego is calling for a boycott of
the following hotels:
Hotel Del Coronado - San Diego La Costa Resort and Spa -
San Diego Mission Valley Hilton

The union hotels, in order of increasing distance, are:

Hyatt Regency Islandia Hotel & Marina Hotel
1441 Quivira Road San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 224-1234
Contact: Angela McMahon
2.5 miles from conference hotel
Driving Directions
1. Start out going SOUTH on MISSION BLVD toward ZANZIBAR CT.
(1.27 miles)
2. Turn LEFT onto W MISSION BAY DR. (0.93 miles)
3. Turn RIGHT onto QUIVIRA RD. (0.32 miles)
4. End at 1441 Quivira Rd San Diego, CA 92109-7805 US
Total Estimated Time: 6 minutes

Hilton San Diego Resort
1775 E. Mission Bay Dr. San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: (619) 276-4010
Contact: Tom Fraher
4.26 Miles from conference hotel
Driving Directions
1. Start out going NORTH on MISSION BLVD toward WAVE CREST CT.
(0.32 miles)
2. Turn RIGHT onto GRAND AVE. (2.38 miles)
3. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto E MISSION BAY DR. (1.55 miles)
4. End at 1775 E Mission Bay Dr San Diego, CA 92109-6801 US
Total Estimated Time: 10 minutes


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