Saturday, December 11, 2004

In Atlanta for the AAA? Join AAAUnite at Jobs with Justice Event

Jobs with Justice International Solidarity Tour

Thousands of jobs are being outsourced to lower-wage countries like India. How should workers and communities respond?

Come meet Indian labor leaders to discuss our mutual interests in fighting together to defend good jobs and fair labor standards.

Speakers will include:

· Ashim Roy, President of union representing General Electric workers in Gujarat state.
· V. Chandra, Organizing Secretary of a union representing 50,000 miners who has worked in the coal industry for 25 years.
· Anannya Bhattacharjee, coordinator of an international collaboration between Jobs with Justice and India's New Trade Union Initiative.

Date: Thursday, December 16, 2004
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: CWA Local 3204 (279 Logan St. near I-20 & Hill St.)

Less than a month after a U.S. presidential election in which candidates traded accusations about the increase in the number of jobs shifting from the U.S. to India and other countries, a delegation of labor leaders from India is coming to Atlanta. The goal of the tour is to develop grassroots strategies to force global corporations to respect workers' rights and to help build international solidarity between U.S. and Indian workers to fight for good jobs and fair labor standards.

The tour is sponsored by Jobs with Justice and India's New Trade Union Initiative. The New Trade Union Initiative is a democratizing force within the Indian labor movement, independent of any political party. It is playing a leading role in the larger social movements that are now burgeoning in India. Jobs with Justice is a national campaign for workers' rights with over 40 local coalitions that unite labor unions, community groups, faith-based organizations and students to promote economic and social justice for all working people.

For more information contact:
Terence Courtney 404-381-5993

For more information and updates about the New Trade Union Initiative tour, visit

From the Hyatt to CWA:
Start: Depart Start on Courtland St (NE) (South) 0.9 0:02
1: Road name changes to Washington St SW 0.2 0:01
2: Turn LEFT (East) onto SR-154 [Trinity Ave SW] 0.1 0:01
3: Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-154 [Memorial Dr SW] 0.1 < 1min
4: Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-154 [Memorial Dr SE] 0.1 < 1min
5: Turn RIGHT (South) onto Martin St SE 0.1 0:01
6: Turn LEFT (East) onto Logan St SE 0.1 0:01
End: Arrive End < 0.1 < 1min
Total Route 1.7 mi 6 mins


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