Friday, October 29, 2004

Anthropology & Environment Section Announcement

A Message From Tom Sheridan, President,  Anthropology & Environment Section
Based upon a poll of our members, the Anthropology & Environment Section of the AAA (539 members) has decided to hold its preliminary board and business meetings somewhere in the Bay area on Saturday, November 20, followed by email/virtual meetings in early December for members who won't be able to join us.
Anthropology & Environment would like to pool resources and coordinate our events with other AAA sections who also plan to meet in the Bay area.
I will be compiling an email list of A&E members who plan to attend.
I will also be compiling an email list of A&E members who want to join me in supporting UNITE HERE by walking picket lines and assisting the union in any way possible while we are in San Francisco.  Once I know how many of us want to help, I'll coordinate our efforts with Neal Kwatra and other UNITE HERE organizers.
From this initial effort, I will also encourage the Anthropology & Environment Section to commit itself to a longterm strategy to assist UNITE HERE in its efforts to secure living wages and decent health care for union workers everywhere.
In Solidarity,
Tom Sheridan
President, Anthropology & Environment


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